We have touched down in Greece!!!

We have touched down in Greece!!!

Yay, We have made it to Greece, Day 5 of our European Tour

We have officially made it to Greece & it’s hot like back at home.. whewwww it was scorching hot when we got off the plane, that’s a big difference from Paris.

We traveled to Greece today, we will visit Santorini & Mykonos in the upcoming days & my goal is to get my purse or maybe even purse(s) when I get there for sure.

Paris was cool in the am, warmed up just a lil during the day and cooler at night. We are only here for one night, so we won’t do much tonight.

We are headed to Santorini in the morning, we will be there for 3 days  & I can’t wait.
Our hotel here in Athens is super nice & the rooftop bar & pool with a view is beautiful.  I will have more fashion & more picture content tomorrow, I think this 6 hour time change has gotten to me now, I’m in the bed & ready for rest as I type this blog 

I find myself texting my baby in the early morning hours (Mobile time) because it’s like 9pm here.. I know the time will catch up with me when I make it back home next week.. sigh 

I encourage everyone to travel, travel & travel, it’s the best investment you can make on the livelihood of your life. 

Good night from Greece

Stay tuned, thanks for your feedback & comments on the previous blogs we have posted.

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