Santorini, Greece is absolutely  Beautiful

Santorini, Greece is absolutely Beautiful

We arrived  in Santorini today & it was everything I’ve imagined through pictures I’ve seen. Our home for the next 3 days is all ours, our whole group took up the whole hotel/villa and it’s perfect. The rooms & amenities are  awesome.

I will give names of places  we stayed once we leave  due to security & safety  reasons. Crime is very low here, but as you know, we are from America and we are known to be very resourceful & have plenty.

We enjoyed pool, drinking, dancing.. I snuck off to bed early, thinking I would  lay down for a couple of minutes and didn’t wake back up to this Morning.

Today, my hubby & I along with some of the other crew, rode ATV’s & visit Red Beach,  & other cities in Greece & it was beautiful & astonishing. We also visited Black Beach/Jojo’s


We are day 2 in Santorini & so far so good..

I will keep you posted with more… later today 🌺

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