Hey Mykonos

Hey Mykonos

Hey Mykonos

We arrived in Mykonos after 2 flights &  many pieces of luggage. Mykonos will be home for 3 days & is the final leg of of the European tour.

Our Villa is the best one I’ve seen, it reminds you a celebrity house or something you see on tv. It’s emasculate, the design, the room, the pools & just the whole vibe is awesome. It’s 34 of us and each couple and person has their own room &  view, and I must say I’m satisfied with the Villa. We visited the local supermarket and they had some American items I could recognize; but it a lot I didn’t recognize. I’m still on my “I’m scared to try this” so I’m starving as I type this blog.. lol. I’ve survived off of Pringles BBQ chips. I can’t wait to hit the states, I’m a big Mac and a fish filet, with fries.

I will do a final blog soon of my European tour, with the locations I stayed in. Can you guess my favorite place of this tour? Just know I will be back at my favorite place very, very soon.

Earrings & outfit  Twoprettygirlz.com 

Signing off in Mykonos


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