Hello - I'm Kelly

Hello - I'm Kelly

So what does being fashionable and trendy mean to you?

To me, it's about wearing beautiful, well-made clothing that allow me to express who I am on the inside. Sometimes I'm a bit daring with lots of frill, spice and flair. Other times I'm "that chick" who shows up pretty, polished and purposeful. And occasionally, it's an "all eyes on me" day and my outfit demands your attention. As long as it makes you feel amazing - it's the perfect outfit for you!

I'm Kelly and along with being the proud owner of Two Pretty Girlz Boutique, I'm also a huuuuuggeee lover of all things pretty and fashionable. In my blog, I'll share my thoughts on some of the fashion trends, new items coming for the next season, behind-the-scenes action and so much more.

I'm inviting you to join me and be sure to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback. So let's talk fashion and pretty girlz shopping.

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