First Day in Paris

First Day in Paris

My flight to Paris…

My hubby & I  drove to  Pensacola to catch a direct flight from Atlanta to Paris, a whooping 8 hours flight. We met up in Atlanta with 30 more friends/family/married couples. We were so excited to be with our friends & the opportunity to be visiting Paris, Athens, Santorini & Mykonos on a 2 week European Trip. We had some of the best seats on the plane, the Delta Premium Seats,so if you’re ever traveling more than 5 hours, this is the best way to travel unless you want to spend $5000 for first class & lay down.. I ended up taking 2 Tylenol PM, because I really can’t do more than 5 hours on a plane without my anxiety kicking it; but the plus was that it was a 9:45 pm flight so, that’s my regular bedtime anyway.. lol.

We boarded the plane at 9:15 pm and it’s a huge plane, unfortunately we sat on the tarmac for 2 whole hours, due to passenger luggage on flight who missed, per airlines, they can’t have anyone luggage on plane who’s not on plane & due to brake issues… I was so sleepy I didn’t care and was unaware of how long we sat until my husband had to tell me…I loved our seats, they were roomy, we got blankets, pillows, great headphones and not to mention the food menu was the best. They had two options, grilled chicken with mash potatoes or 3 cheese pasta. I’m A very picky eater, so I chose the pasta and it was the absolute bomb!!!!

Delta is the best wait to travel in my opinion!!!

We finally landed 1pm their time & 6:44am central time and when I tell you, between us, we had over 100 pieces of luggage that they had to call a huge mega bus (like a greyhound bus) to shuttle us with our luggage.. lol

We are staying in a nice hotel, with a great view, more pics coming, I’ll show you soon. 

We are on a 6 hour ahead time change from Mobile, Al, I can’t really tell the difference due to my full 8 hours of sleeping last night, so the time change haven’t hit me yet. 

The weather is perfect, it’s about 60 degree’s & it feels fabulous. 

Cheers to the first day of Paris… and of course I’m in Two Pretty Girlz attire.

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I am so happy for you and your husband! Your journey is great yo follow and I have watched you grow. God will continue to bless you and your business. I applaud anyone who is doing good on life. Blessings and enjoy your trip.

Monica Curtis-Ball

Hope you guys have an awesome time. My home town is Mobile ( Prichard), I reside in ATL.

Benita Chandler

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing in detail how your travels there was! Y’all have a fantastic time!

Traci A.

Comfort Plus is the Best. Totally agree. More info on Paris. Be safe & make memories.

Tunisia Cole

Have a awesome trip my friend Thanks for sharing your trip with us

Johnice Dates

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