Fashion in the Summer: What should I wear?

Fashion in the Summer: What should I wear?

Fashion in the Summer

Fashion in the summer can be a little tricky if you think too hard on it. Your style should definitely set the mood for the occasion or event.

Are you going inside, where it will be cool?  Will you be outside in the humidity? Will you be in both cool and warm areas?

My summer go to outfits are, maxi dresses with pockets, fitted Midi dresses, & 2 piece sets.

I like to be cool & comfy when I go out in the summer due to  summer heat. I stay in the south where, in April, we can tell it’s going to be a hot summer if it’s not being cool long enough, lol.

So ladies, to spruce up those simple , yet cool  pieces when you go out, just grab you some cute earrings & a divine purse to make them ask “where you get that from?”

And most of all, stay Pretty & hydrated.

Remember, Two Pretty Girlz Boutique has Fashion for all your needs.

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