Final Day in Paris-Day 3

Final Day in Paris-Day 3

Day 3-Last Day in Paris

Last night, my besties & I enjoyed a trip to Disney World Paris, just to enjoy the fireworks… Disney is definitely “The Happiest Place on Earth” . The Park was full of happy kids & family. I remember taking my oldest daughter to Disney World when she was about 2 or 3 years old. I’ve never taken my youngest one, but she will be going with her cousin next month in California.

We visited France the best time of the year, where they have major savings, so Today, we shopped at Gucci, Louis Vuitton & other high end designer retailers.

I’m patted myself on the back earlier that I  didn’t purchase not one purse, although I was tempted by the prices. Their prices are  $400 to $500 cheaper than the States and for that alone, I should have splurged.. now I’m feeling sad I didn’t treat myself. 

Guess what?!?!?? Lol 

My temptation got the best of me,LOL, so 
went back  to purchase that black LV purse & they were closed. I been beating myself up all night 🥲.
Unfortunately we are leaving early in the am, so I missed my opportunity to get it at that price, fingers crossed I can get it in Greece , it was $2000 here and price in US is $2700.

Tonight, we will keep it low key & pack for our early flight in the Morning, next stop Athens, Greece


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Stay tuned for more fashion & more adventures.✌🏾

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Love 2 pretty girls boutique ❤️


I know Disney was super fun, I love amusement parks!

Hope you guys enjoyed it!!


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