Day 2 in Paris

Day 2 in Paris

Day 2 in Paris

Last night, we enjoyed hookah with no alcohol,  for some reason( they don’t serve alcohol in some of their establishments) but we had enough at the hotel, hence my video I posted in my story.

We stayed out until 2:30am Paris time (630pm) & now we back up at 6am Paris time.

The girls & I  got up super early to take some dope pics at the Eiffel Tower.

Next up, the city Tour & boat ride.

I love to travel with my hubby & it’s exciting , but traveling with a group is fun as well. Especially a group who is down, for whatever & we make it work with majority wanting to do the  same things.

Of course, what’s a day & trip without me snapping pics. I love to take a good pic and Paris is definitely a place to take them. Paris weather is gorgeous & the building architecture is beautiful.

If only, I could speak French, I would fit right in.. just kidding.

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Thank you for day 2 have fun

Johnice Dates

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